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Realization of Global-Korea, Edu-Korea, Culture-Korea!
Dept. of Korean as a
Foreign Language
  Nurturing of qualified Korean Language education professionals who are aimed
  at all over the world stage!

Acquiring Korean as a Foreign Language Teacher 2nd degree certification given by the Minister of Education right after graduation

The dream of becoming Korean Language education professional who brush round in the international arena will become reality in Hwashin Cyber University
Special Education Program

Multi-cultural experience program to enhance mutual understanding of other cultures

International home-stay program to introduce life style and living cultures of korean family

Exchange the Korean Language department of GEN membership university running online Korean Language courses supported our university

Performing Korean Language Education or observing Korean Language Class within cooperating Korean Language Educational Institution
Main Subjects

Instruction to Teaching Korean Language for Foreigner, Instruction to Korean Linguistics,
Studies in Teaching Korean Comprehension, Studies in Teaching Korean Expression, Theories of Language Acquisition, Methodology for Teaching Korean Grammar, Methodology for Teaching Korean Vocabulary, Methodology for Teaching Korean Pronunciation, Methodology for Teaching Korean Culture, Studies of Korean Language Teaching and Curriculum, Comtemporary Korean Society & Culture, Traditional culture of Korea, Understanding of Korean History, Practicum in Teaching Korean etc.
Obtainable certification

Korean as a Foreign Language Teacher 2nd degree certification(given by the Minister of Education, Qualification License of Korean History from 1st to 4th degree, cultural heritage commentator, Korean instructor etc.  
Career after graduation

Korean teacher of Korean language education institutions at home and abroad, A Korean
instructor for Foreign workers in businesses, A Korean instructor of foreign universities made
international exchange agreement with our university, A Korean aid worker for an overseas
posting, the Korean Language instructor for foreign Worker Center, Korean textbooks, content
developer, hands-on staff for Korean and multicultural organizations, a Korean researcher
and content developer, the Graduate School of Education and General go to enter related
field etc.

Realization of Global-Korea, Edu-Korea, Culture-Korea!
Dept. of practical
Foreign Language
» Practical English Major
» Practical Japanese Major
  Nurturing of qualified English, Japanese professionals who will lead Global Era
  21st century!

Go to the world through foreign language, therefore, the merits of being practical English, Japanese major!!

World has changed into one big market, and the language used in that worldwide market is English and Japanese

In practical English, Japanese major, we will help you to establish your dream through systematic and differentiated curriculum.
Special Education Program

Experience program studying English, Japanese through international cooperating university's
mutual exchange

International home-stay program to help broaden the view of globalization and international

KG certification system based on foreign language ability and international knowledge
Main Subjects
Introduction to English Linguistics, English Grammar, Conversation in English, Introduction to American Literature, The Instruction to Child English, The English-language newspaper reading, English translation, Introduction to English Literature, English Teaching, English listening exercise, English translation of theory and practice, Understanding of American culture. TOEIC L/C, TOEIC L/C, An introduction to Japanese, Conversation in Japanese, An introduction to Japanese language, Japanese translation, the history of Japanese Literature, Japanese grammar, Audio-visual Japanese, Practice into Japanese literature, Japanese seminar etc.  
Obtainable certification
TESOL, Tourism Interpreter(English), Certificate for commercial English, English translator, Tour Conductor, Tour Guide, Japanese Proficiency Test level1~level4, JPT Certificate, JTRA Certificate  
Career after graduation
The instructor and manager in cooperate for foreign language, especially English, Japanese, Developing management training curriculum researching and developing appropriate training methods and teaching aids for an overseas posting, Job that requires foreign language ability as a skilled expertise, staffs of airline company, clerks for trade and duty-free shops, staffs of a general trading company, staffs of foreign companies, staffs of shipping companies, staffs of tourism organization, international exchange related government officials, interpreter of English or Japanese, translator of English or Japanese, Go to grad school at home and abroad foreign language teacher etc.  

Realization of Global-Korea, Edu-Korea, Culture-Korea!
Dept. of Digital Film
& Television
  Nurturing of qualified image specialists who are need at digital era 21st

Thank to differentiated capacity, you will realize the idea of Culture & Arts Education with a higher level of creative cultural activities

You can obtain the Country Official Recognition Qualification the second grade about culture and art education certification

Through the practical major, we will help you to establish your dream through systematic and differentiated curriculum.
Special Education Program

Lead to the 21st century, video and photography take a leading nurturing experts to go!

Nurturing of qualified video specialists who are doing Cinematography, editing, sound, production and lighting, sound, color correction

Nurturing of qualified video specialists who can directly utilize the best equipment to implement a perfect 4K digital image world including CINEALTA CAMER

Nurturing of qualified video specialists who can produce high quality programs through a variety of equipment, equipment of comprehensive editorial system, optimal color sense, and the best technology of imaging comprehensive studio
Main Subjects
Introduction to Filmologie, Filmologie, Understanding of the film, Pop culture and communication Positions concerning training up to Arts and Letters, graphic design, The understanding of the visual aesthetics, Making sound, Digital a video reef. An introduction to visual production Theory of imaging technology and film industry, Film professor studying methods, Watching movies and criticism, History of Film, Movie sound and music, Film education program development, Theory of film production, Teaching aids for the development and use of the movie, Arts & Culture understanding and practice at the chalkface, Underwater shooting, Planning and production and demonstration, Film-making  
Obtainable certification
Arts & Culture instructor a second-degree, Industrial Engineer video, Video editing second class, Communications Technician, Engineer Colorist, Multimedia content creators    
Career after graduation
A plan maker of the contents in Film and video sections, a Film director, a screen-writer, a
movie director, experts of professional technology field, a computer graphic designer, an expert video editing soft wares, a staff of the concert hall, museums, libraries, the House of
Culture, and other many facilities etc.

Realization of Global-Korea, Edu-Korea, Culture-Korea!
Dept. of International Taekwondo Instruction
  Nurturing of international Taekwondo Instructors through E-learning program!

To establish community and world-wide network of Taekwondo through a variety of MOU!

To progress programs and to make contents in multi-languages(English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) to make contents

To run parallel classes with camp instructor linked 1:1 mentor system through a on and off-line

To get the qualification of Korean teacher in the domestic students course through a double major
Special Education Program

Nurturing of an international Taekwondo Instructor through E-learning programs, which are separated the courses of domestic and foreign students

To progress classes in multi-languages(English, Chinese. French, Korean etc) about Poomsae, competing theory, basic movements and skills, the method of instruction

To get the qualification of Korean teacher through a double major linking Dept. of Korean as a Foreign Language Education

To get the Youth Counselor through a double major linking Dept. of Counseling Psychology
Main Subjects
A history of Taekwondo, Theory of Sport for All, The basic action and Taekwondo Poomsae, the theory of healthy education, Taekwondo sparring, Sports injury prevention and treatment, sports dietetics, Compete to practical use, Sociology of sports, sports psychology, The selfdefense, a method of guidance of physical nurturing, sports physiology, the method of Taekwondo instruction, sports marketing, Taekwondo studio management, Taekwondo demonstration and frustrations, refereeing of Taekwondo matches, Seonchejo and Seonyoga, fitness and seonmusul seonyo  
Obtainable certification
Home economics agent, Youth Consultant, Youth instructor, a Korean teacher  
Career after graduation
International judge, overseas master in Taekwondo, and community leader, life and physical
education leader, martial arts instructor, Consultant and such like