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President's Message

Welcome to the
Hwashin Cyber University!

Hwashin Cyber University is the first cyber university approved by the Higher Education Act in Korea.
Our staffs and faculty members have great confidence along with deep responsibility to strive to become the best cyber university in the world.

Under the founding spirit of Hwashin Academy, the educational foundation, "to raise genuine workers to serve our country and its people's progress" and under GK (Global Koreanization) and KG's(Korea Gloablization) motto, we are running towards the goal to become Global-Korea, Edu-Korea, and Culture-Korea.

To realize this educational goal, Hwashin Cyber University has already established E-learning infrastructure, Multi-Language Contents, Multi-Language LMS(Learning Management System), and GEN(Global Education Network). We have also built strong management result within the field of E-learning and strived to be the hub for E-learning community.

Based on this E-learning management result and experience.

We promise to open a new chapter of cyber university.

We welcome you to join us in this E-learning world.

Now, entering cyber university will be not the second but the best choice.

We want you to come true your dreams and hopes through future education system with
Hwashin Cyber University.

Han, Baek-Yong, President